Give Away!!

Because it is spring and here in the cold, bitter north we’ve had a horrible winter…. I’m holding a giveaway to celebrate the arrival of spring! For a little extra excitement, I’ve added levels of prizes for the number of entries that we get. Want a chance at a bigger, better prize? send it to all your friends, acquaintances and anyone else you meet on your daily walk.


To get your chance on this awesome give away, enter here!

$5 Gift Card – 50 entries
Skein of Sari Silk ($15 value) – 150 entries
$25 Gift Card – 300 entries
$50 Gift Card – 550 entries
Knitted rooster/hen ($60 value) – 1100 entries
Over 1500 entries – a special surprise prize!!
There are multiple available entries, therefore, you have the possibility of winning more than one prize.



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