The sweater project

knitting a sweater. No big deal you might think. Or, if you’re like me, HUGE deal… especially an adult sweater!! How many rows + weight in the knitting + yarn + OMG how many stitches in a row?!

For as many crafts as I do and have, I have very little patience. I don’t like crafts that run on for years and take constant attention. I could never tat a beautiful table cloth or for instance knit a sweater.

I can knit socks with my eyes closed and love knitting other things, but the largest project I’ve ever made is a sweater for my son. About a size 4T.

My lovley indearing husband thinks I have the skills to knit him a cabled sweater. For all the hundreds of hours that would take, we’ve met in the middle and I will be making him a sweater, plain. Keep up to date with the project on Ravelry

Now, knitting a sweater might not seem a big deal to some, however – as the name of this blog has hand spun in it – this of course will be made from hand spun yarns. If you’ve had the chance to read any of my posts, you’ll know the time and effort that goes into even producing the yarn for a pair of socks, let alone enough yarn to cover the upper portion of a man!

My brave husband thinks I am superwoman and also wants me to spin, dye and weave enough material to make him a pair of iron age Pict leggings…… another post for another day…..

So, because the prep work for yarn takes so long I’ve enlisted my DH to help. It’s his sweater after all! The fleece in question is a Romney, named Ginger and comes to us from a local farm. She was brown last year but turned grey over the winter and offers such a beautiful fleece/color. In total, approximately 3lbs will be needed, this is 10skeins at 4oz each. He’ll need to card about 200 rolags (fluffs of carded fleece) for this.

The natural color is so pretty that it wont be dyed.

I spun 1 skein last night and will be doing another today amongst everything else I have to do! Only 9 more skeins, 1616yds, 2.25lbs left!!



3 thoughts on “The sweater project

  1. haha, I don’t mind stocking knit, I can do it with my eyes closed, or while watching a movie or traveling. It’s trying to keep track of cables that bugs me! I inevitably end up frogging a number of rows because something didn’t go the right way. A cabled sweater will be next. I love the one you made Colin!

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