Sweater project nuts and bolts

For hubbies sweater that I wrote about earlier, I’ve been working on the yarn.

As I’ve said so many times, the prep work for the yarn takes the bulk of the time in processing.

ImageThis sweater requires 1800yds of DK weight yarn. So far, I’ve made up 4 skeins (5th is on the wheel) with 750yds completed. In total I’ll need approximately 9 skeins and 2.25lbs of raw wool. ImageI’ve enlisted hubs to card, since this is his sweater, he can do some of the work…. People in the fiber community rave about drum carders, how about a carding husband? They cut down on pain in the fingers and once you get them started, it’s just a simple check every few hours to ply with beer and fresh wool – It’s a great system! You just can’t tell their friends to take any photos. Pretty good trade for some free, painless carding! I’ve estimated that for a full bobbin I’ll need approx 4oz/20 carded rolags. That means hubs has to card 180 rolags.

About half way done!

If you’d like to see other knitted items from my hand spun yarns – check out our etsy shop!


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