Fiber Friday – Merino

Since I have sooo many ideas of things to blog about, and just not enough time to do it all, I’ll be posting each Friday about a different breed of fiber that I’ve spun with, showcase the fiber, the yarn, a finished product if I’ve got one and it’s attributes!

So, to start it off, today I’ve chosen Merino.

This is one of those yarns that most people know about, and a safe one to choose if you’re just getting into using hand spun yarns. It does have a range of softness measured in Microns (the lower the number, the softer the yarn). I’ve never met any merino yarn that isn’t safe to wear next to the skin.

It’s difficult to find raw merino in my area as they have huge dense coats and I don’t believe they fair very well with our drastic temperature differences – from -40C in the winter to +45C in the summer. They live in wonderful places like Australia and various small hobby farms in the US. Please, if you’re a local hobby farmer and have merino fleece, PLEASE let me know!

Here are a few examples of merino yarns found in my shop. Clicking on the photo will direct you to the etsy page with information about each yarn.


il_570xN.610780639_2wwi il_570xN.610736333_7q24  il_570xN.610645441_g1hq il_570xN.610534508_lnebil_570xN.610669266_b3hw

The fiber of these sheep is white, so careful washing and preparation are essential to achieve a good color in the finished yarn.


Merino sheep Photo via Internet


Merino fiber on sheep prior to being carded Photo via internet

Merino is great for items which softness is required. It’s a wonderful yarn that combines sheen with loft – perfect for baby items, next to the skin items, dedicates and of course, toys!


Wild pony – hand knit from hand spun yarn.

Happy Friday everyone. What’s your favorite fiber??


3 thoughts on “Fiber Friday – Merino

    • There are a number of other fibers that are just as soft as Merino. I should send you a sample of some Blue Faced Leicester. It’s awesome for socks – but similarly soft on the skin as Merino.

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