Life is Too Short for Bad Yarn!

I cannot fathom why anyone with the skill to knit would spend so much time knitting a sweater – only to use sub par yarn that will wear out – rendering their hours/days/weeks/months of work inane! Michelangelo used hand crafted pigments for his paints and monks created their own inks from beetle nets or iron gall – these items would not be around for the length they have existed if they got their pigments/inks from the discount bin at the local walmart!

Working on hubbies sweater again…. If that man wears this sweater out within the next 10 years, I give up. I can’t imagine putting all this time and effort into something that won’t last. My only saving grace is I KNOW this hand spun, real wool, will last through wear and tear and repeated washings.

I understand hand spun (mine and others) may be more expensive than discount yarns, but it’s well worth it! Good hand spun, or a similarly well spun small mill yarn will outlast a discount yarn and enable you to learn a new stitch, make a sweater for another deserving family member or *GASP* make something for yourself – before you have to re-make that sweater that wore out after 2 years.

Start a revolution. Value your time as skilled crafters and use a yarn worthy of your craft! Repeat after me: I am worthy of great yarns!!


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