Meet Me!

B&W Woolery is located in Hoyt, New Brunswick, Canada. Our farm is Brigadoon Fiber Farm and specializes in fine quality alpaca fiber and breeding. Our farm shop is currently under construction, once completed we welcome visitors to peruse our fine yarns, hand spun yarns, alpaca items and local crafts. Our farm is run by my wonderful family and we’re excited to welcome our second son in December of 2015. They are my inspiration and the reason I create.

I’m also a museum professional and have always been interested in history, more noteably, the social and domestic history of people. I understanding and exploring how people managed to live without television, internet and electricity – and often times more successfully than we do!

I started out sewing at a young age with my mother and have been making my own clothing since then. I learned the importance of rural farming and the alure of rural life in my early teens while working at a working museum/farm.  While there i had my first taste of spinning and domestic bliss!
Since marrying and raising a child it’s become more important to me that the things we consume (and it’s production) and wear are as natural as possible.

I’ve researched and attempted (through trial and error) my own little slice of domestic bliss. On our farm we have a garden each summer, backyard chickens, turkeys, goats, our alpaca of course, set up preserves as much as possible, sew, knit and spin.

As much as the industrial revolution has taught us, things just seem more peaceful and comforting when they are created as they have been for hundreds of years. By hand, without chemicals – and with love.


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